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Life in Today’s world seems to become more glamorized by the day. So many marriages and relationships are simply being pushed to the edge. Wives and husbands are at odds on so many things, and often divorce is considered before even an attempt to seek quality marriage counseling Orange County. There can be several reasons for this:

  • Many are too embarrassed to seek marriage counseling
  • Some believe that therapy won’t do any good
  • A couple’s finances are often a barrier to seeking couples counseling

Marriage is a lifelong lesson in learning about each other and putting together a singular vision for how a relationship will develop and grow. Desires and needs can be openly discussed when couples go to Orange County Marriage Counseling.

Spotting Problems In A Marriage

Many marriages end in divorce because spouses aren’t able to recognize specific marital problems. Many of us may simply ignore the problems, hoping that problems will magically work themselves out. They won’t. What is difficult for many couples to understand is that if the problems in a relationship are recognized early on, the problems are much easier to work out. Of course, acknowledging that there is no such thing as a perfect marriage is a great starting point. No matter how terrific a marriage may be, at some point in time that relationship is going to hit some really hard times. Some things that seem so easy to deal with can end up causing major problems in a relationship:

  • Who’s in charge of paying the household bills?
  • Who’s turn is it to drive the carpool?
  • Why wasn’t that promise one spouse made to the other not kept?
  • Why is one partner working all the time?

Many times, the main cause of arguments that get out of control is one partner not being able to realize that a mistake was made. One of the best ways for a relationship to work under these circumstances is to make a team effort to recognize these problems. Marital problems often arise because it is so easy for couples to become complacent about these problems. Issues like these, as trivial as they may seem, often lead to severe damage, including divorce.

marriage counseling orange county

Marriage Counseling In Orange County

Seeking help from a licensed, experienced Marriage Counselor in Orange County can often be the difference between a bitter ongoing feud between a couple, and a happy, healthy marriage. Many people consider couples counseling to be a last resort before a marriage completely falls apart. This couldn’t be further from the truth. By working with an experienced therapist, couples can begin to get a much clearer perspective into the things each spouse can do to make a marriage stronger and happier. Relationships grow from paying attention to the little things in a marriage. When going through Marriage Counseling in Orange County, it is important to keep in mind that there is nothing to be embarrassed about. No matter how much it is perceived by society that getting help from a marriage counselor means that a relationship is in serious trouble, what a couple is doing is actually taking proactive steps to make their marriage healthy and happy.

Get The “LOVE” Back

Marriage counseling isn’t confined to just improving a very rough relationship. Intimacy and romance can be brought back by once again starting “courtship” all over again. Often, after years of marriage, a lack of communication and daily frustrations can cause the embers of true romance to begin to go cold. Putting time and consideration into small special things can help reverse that:

  • Make a schedule of “alone” time, and stick to it
  • Plan small surprises for your spouse
  • Frequent “Date Nights”
  • A vacation without the kids

Please don’t let preconceived ideas about marriage counseling stand in the way of strengthening your marriage. When you feel you’re ready, please contact us at (949) 274-4980 for a free phone consultation.

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